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0523 ... Campagnolo Record Ultra-Shift 11 speed Ergopower controls - 2011 ... $334.88

Campagnolo's finest 11 speed Ergopower controls for the most discerning riders. Superior materials and technology come together for the ultimate status and performance. Ultra-Shift controls permit a better grip for the hand and absolute operating precision. The right lever allows gear changes up to 3 upwards and up to 5 downwards (one at a time is still safer and more accurate) providing excellent shifting speed in every situation. Operating fluidity has also been improved. Thanks to an improved lever ratio, the force required for actuating the front and rear derailleurs is lower than previous Ergopower models (13% easier for the rear derailleur and 18% for the front). Basically the same as the Super Record, save for one less hole in the brake levers and standard (non-titanium) internals. Composite body, ball bearings, micro-adjusting front shifting, Vari-Cushion shock absorbing silicone hoods, carbon fiber brake lever and Ultra-Shift geometry all add up to some of the finest controls ever made. High-leverage brake levers are closer to the bar for those with smaller hands, but also have an insert for those with big ol' meat hooks. Improved No-Bulge cable housing path makes for more comfortable hand positions. Designed to work with caliper brakes only and features an integrated release pin in the lever. A full cable/casing set is provided, cable housing stops/adjusters are not. We stock Campagnolo's alloy stops (#0590) separately if you need them. Recommended only for use with Campagnolo 11 speed systems. Guaranteed for 4 years.

LickNotes: Do not activate the shifters until the entire lever is installed and cables are strung to the derailleurs. Doing so can destroy the lever body, resulting in an expensive non-warranty-able repair.

0523-00EAN: 8033874119952
337g. $334.88