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2880 ... Zym Endurance electrolyte tablets - tube of 10 ... $7.95

ZYM is the fuel that hydrates athletes during competitions without the sugar. It's not until it's put to work that athletes feel a difference of increased performance. ZYM is a small tablet that dissolves in water for on-the-go hydration. It's portable so it goes wherever you go. The tablets are formulated for 16-20 oz of water. The advantage: highly salted hydration products are not the answer. It's the formulas designed for endurance athletes that set ZYM apart from other hydration products. The blend of components including electrolytes, B Vitamins and other elements are what make it effective against muscle burn and dehydration. This provides athletes with fresh legs, natural energy and more endurance for their bodies. ZYM Endurance formula has a light lemon-lime flavor designed to combat fatigue, muscle cramps and lactic acid build-up. Athletes actually look forward to drinking ZYM as opposed to other hydration products. It has a clean finish with no after-taste; therefore, it won't leave an unpleasant sugary build-up during exercise.

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