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2881 ... Sportlegs Supplement - Bottle of 120 Capsules ... $28.95

In a nutshell, Sportlegs helps keep your muscles from burning. It effectively raises your lactate threshold and can boost performance. It also helps speed recovery so you're not as sore the next day. Now, the technical stuff. How taking Sportlegs first helps performance: Sportlegs uses lactate, your body's primary high-exertion muscle fuel, to signal muscles not to overproduce lactate before you even begin exercise. Muscles switch from lactate overproduction to net lactate consumption in response to a rise in blood lactate concentration, regardless of whether blood lactate is raised naturally or from exogenous infusion. That's precisely what Sportlegs accomplishes. It's 86.4% lactate. Taken an hour before exercise, Sportlegs raises blood lactate, so you experience exercise with less limb pump and heaviness, and improved lactate transfer facilitates a noticeably higher Lactate Threshold. Reduced lactate accumulation means less retention of free radicals and other metabolic wastes in muscle tissues, for faster recovery and less next-day soreness. For more information, visit

LickNotes: Sportlegs ingredients have been Generally Recognized As Safe by the FDA for more than twenty years. At the appropriate body-weight dosage, the federal Institute of Medicine recognizes these ingredients as safe. The ingredients remain legal for all competition sanctioned by WADA, USADA, UCI, IOC and NCAA authorities.

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