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3698 ... AirCaddy K9100 Compact Bike Box ... $104.95

This is the first bike box that doesn't require complete disassembly of the bicycle. Remove the front wheel, rotate the handlebar down, lower or remove the seatpost and away you go! The pedals and rear wheel remain attached, so none of the brake and gear adjustments are changed. This allows the bike to be ready to ride in 6 minutes out of the box. AirCaddy folds flat down to 32in. x 40in. x 3in. AirCaddies are made of 275lb. test cardboard, which will hold up through 4- 6+ round trips and the wheel and fork mounts are aluminum and can be reused indefinitely. AirCaddy bike cases meet all airplane, train, boat, bus and truck standards. AirCaddy can be shipped via DHL, FedEx or UPS Ground. AirCaddy containers are one of the only bike cases that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) does not have to remove the bicycle from its container before being loaded on an airplane.Alaska and Hawaii please call for freight rate. Made in USA.

LickNotes: Important consumer alert: The EB2 box by of Tucson Arizona may look like an AirCaddy container from the outside but inside where it counts it lacks the Aircaddy structural metal design. All EB2 boxes exceed the 165 inch limit and can not be shipped by regular FedEx or UPS ground.

3698-00UPC: n/a
MPN: k9100
22 lbs.31 in.58 in.22 in. $104.95
Flat Rate Shipping $25