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2814 ... Dri-Slide Bike Aid Lubricant with needle ... $19.95

Dri-Slide Bike Aid Multi-Purpose Lubricant is ideal for lubricating control cables and lever pivots. The unique needle applicator allows lubrication of cables without disassembling the housing. Dri-Slide is applied wet. When lubricating cables, gravity distributes the lubricant within the cable sleeve thoroughly over the cable and leaves a dry lubricant bonded to the cable surfaces. It repels moisture and doesn't attract dirt, sand or dust, so your cables run smoother longer.

LickNotes: Make sure to have a rag handy to clean up any excess lubricant. This stuff works great, but will leave a dark gray stain if left on your frame or parts.
Dri-Slide Bike Aid Lubricant with needle

2814-00UPC: 044717002063
4oz $19.95